Opportunistic investing is the primary strategy of The Silver Coast Group. Our team in consistently evaluating a wide range of opportunities to deploy capital. SCG generally takes an opportunistic approach in investing while sharing a focus on acquiring assets with strong potential fundamentals at a significant discount to replacement cost. Situations and strategies with potential for strong value enhancement include:


  • Opportunities for significant capital appreciation, while supplementing returns with current cash flow

  • Assets with inadequate capitalization, prior mismanagement/neglect or poor leasing strategies

  • Existing buildings requiring renovation and/or repositioning

  • Commercial and residential property development or redevelopment

  • Market inefficiencies that provide multiple capitalization options

  • Markets or properties that are “off the beaten path” and/or perceived as being out of favor by other investors

  • Capitalizing on sellers’ strategic or financial motivations

  • Leveraging relationships with joint venture partners to access deals

  • Pricing inefficiencies in complex transactions


SCG’s investment team typically focuses on privately negotiated transactions rather than competitive auctions – generally focusing on buying at the correct basis. This methodology lends itself to more advantageous pricing, flexible structuring and better investment returns. We believe that this approach allows us to achieve our desired return targets without incurring excessive risk.